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Art Quilts in the Attic - Fractured Applique

A continuing of the Art Quilt In the Attic Series In this session we will play with ?fractured? applique designs that will be prepared with adhesive, cut apart, and fused down in a sort of mosaic style arrangement. After fusing you will add decorative edge stitching and quilting to the project.

Attic Cats

Helene Knott joins us on first Tuesdays to help you with your projects.

Mountain Reflections

This design incorporates both applique and strip piecing. You may choose fused or raw edged machine applique to render the applique part of the design; if you prefer to applique by hand bring whatever supplies and tools needed for your favorite method of hand applique. It's best to choose a method you are comfortable with or that falls within your abilities. You must also be comfortable with a rotary cutter and able to sew accurate 1/4" seams. Strip piecing the reflection is the most difficult part of the quilt construction and there are a couple of different methods of doing this that will be presented in class.

Nov 7
Judy Judy Judy
Nov 9
Button Fantasia
Nov 13
Mountain Reflections